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"Oh, no! I lost track of this file's energy signal!!" Hey, this is Chrono and Shen. Whatever you just clicked on is not working now, and yep, this is a 404 HTML Error. If it was from the little music jukebox it is probably just a misspelling on our part, and we apologize. Please highlight the link in your browser being displayed, then highlight it, copy it and paste it (right-click, then on menu that pops up click copy) and then email us and right click on the place in your message you want to put that link.. then click paste, and voila! All you gotta do is put subject as "404 error report on Ki Sanctuary" or something as subject. Sometimes bandwidth is a problem, like if a billion people tried visiting the site all at once, which hardly ever happens, and the site goes down for a good while. If any of this has happened, Email to either: Shen (Webmaster, Founder, Author) firedragon2001860@msn.com Chrono (Assisstant Author, Assisstant Teacher, Etc.)darknovastar@hotmail.com Thanks for coming to our site, press the back button on your browser a few times or type in "kiwarrior40000.tripod.com" to go back to the main page.
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